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Professional Security Consultants

Meeting your business, corporate or organization’s security and safety obligations can be challenging in today’s environment. Inherent in this is protecting key components of the organization- people, processes, physical property, brand/image, and continuity of business. The professional safety and security consultants at New Source Security understand that each organization or business faces unique security challenges, whether they be internal or external risks. We work with you personally to identify key areas of your business where you may be at risk and develop a plan for mitigating those threats, allowing you to provide a safe/secure and efficient environment in which to work and thrive while simultaneously minimizing disruptions to your business operations.

The services we provide include:

Corporate Risk Assessment Specialists

Before you can begin to reduce your risk, you must first understand where your business or organization is most susceptible. Our corporate risk assessment specialists are trained professionals in identifying and mitigating risk and threats to your business, using a proven process for risk mitigation.

We will help you establish and operate a process that involves:

  1. Clear identification of risks
  2. Thorough evaluation of each risk
  3. Ranking all risks for prioritization
  4. Risk mitigation, including elimination and/or control

This approach makes it easy to establish priorities and allocate resources to your most significant risk, while still keeping you aware of less eminent risk.

Strategic Safety & Security Analysis

We use our knowledge & experience in both security and safety to help clients formulate more cost-effective risk solutions that address both security, safety, and often various types of liability. Instead of separately addressing regulations and compliance, we include those requirements within the defined solutions, processes, and risk mitigation plans that we create for your business or organization. Where education and training is needed, we provide our clients with direct staff training, or with the creation of training plans and documentation for in-house training initiatives.

Our experience allows us to help clients deal effectively with specific and significant safety and security risks. We assist with workplace violence prevention training, threat response, armed threat (active shooter) training, dust fires and explosion risk mitigation, controlling hazardous energy, development and testing of contingency/continuity and emergency plans, implementation of universal access control, litigation assistance and expert witnesses, working safely in confined spaces, material handling and related equipment safety, and vendor/managed partner supply chain security.

We recognize staff can change or be disrupted at any time. In response to this need, New Source Security Consultants will “fill the gap”, providing security and safety managers, directors, and CSOs for short or mid-length time frames, or provide ongoing support through risk mitigation consultation.

Free Consultation with A Safety & Security Consultant

New Source Security provides a free initial consultation, allowing you to ask questions and determine if we are a good fit for your risk management and security needs.

Call now at (847) 420-0348 to speak with one of our professional security consultants.