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About Us


Our Mission is twofold: Assist organizations to maintain a safe and efficient work environment and protect assets while simultaneously minimizing disruption to business; And to provide assistance, knowledge, and support for security, safety and related leaders to be enablers of business and succeed in their professional endeavors.


  • Listening- to our clients, to those impacting their business, to those impacting our professions
  • Professionalism- consistently following professional practices and ethical conduct; working within our expertise
  • Responsiveness- to our clients’ requests and needs, to our communities and environment
  • Sharing- our knowledge, our time, our abilities
  • Reliability- meeting time lines, exceeding expectations, providing superior quality
  • Innovative- forward looking, not accepting the norm, creating new possibilities
  • Collaborative- partnering for better solutions, valued partner with our clients
  • Growth- in knowledge, in abilities, in value

Why New Source…

We have been where you are now and have dealt with the issues you face
Our experience and careers have been within companies, corporations and business associations
We are recognized for what we have done/accomplished in the business/corporate world, not in a prior careers outside the business world
We understand what you bring to your organization and how to help enhance that value
We are open, forward thinking, not constrained by standards, a narrow base of options or simply what others advocate. We advocate and encourage a risk based approach to maximize benefits and protect assets

Our Consultants

Make the Difference

Bill Phillips

CEO/Managing Consultant
Prior to establishing Security Matrix and New Source Security, Bill led a global security and safety group for CNA Financial. While there, he developed one of the first true global universal security access control systems, established and implemented a nationally recognized workplace violence prevention and armed threat response plan as well as a model high-rise evacuation plan.
In past consulting, Bill provided short to mid-term safety director services, assisted overseas clients to evaluate potential business investments and to deal with compliance regulations and assisted trade and professional associations to provide safety and security information and services to their members. He also provided litigation support and expert witness testimony for clients.

With the global diversified agricultural company, Continental Grain Co., he led the corporation’s response and actions to a major loss, was a key leader in research to prevent grain dust explosions, built an effective security and safety process for operations in more than 30 countries and provided personal security for the company leadership.
A thought leader and innovator in security and safety, Bill has made presentations to professional, governmental and industry groups in the US and abroad, serves on national standard committees, has testified before Congressional committees and government agencies and lectured at universities and colleges. He is a member of ASIS International and served on the Advisory Board of the CSO Roundtable, is a Fellow and Past National President of ASSE, active member of APEX (Asset Protection Executives) and SENY (Safety Executives of New York) and has received awards and recognition for his work in security and safety.

Jim Maness

Safety and Fire/Dust Explosion Prevention Consultant
Jim Maness is an internationally recognized safety professional, having served the food, agriculture, and processing industries for more than 40 years. He was the director of technical services and engineering with the National Grain & Feed Association (NGFA) for 10 years where Jim organized and led the industry’s safety, research, grain inspection and environmental activities. Most notably, Jim organized and led the Association’s Fire and Dust Explosion Research efforts to better define fire and explosion causation and to develop methodologies and data essential for prevention and disruption of dust fires and explosions. He led the Association’s input into the development of various related OSHA regulations, appearing at hearings frequently with other industry members.

As Director of Safety for Bunge Corporation, an international food and agricultural company, Jim successfully implemented processes for fire and dust explosion prevention and improved employee safety and health in food processing and manufacturing operations, including material handling, confined space entry work, noise and dust exposure and maintenance/service operations. While leading Bunge’s environmental compliance in clean air and water, he gained extensive knowledge of related laws and regulations as well as technology for compliance. He also led the company’s OSHA compliance efforts and has extensive knowledge in OSHA regulations and requirements.

Jim is a graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in mechanical engineering, served in the U.S. Air Force and is a recognized expert in agricultural fires and dust explosions. He has served on various NFPA committees (NFPA 61), ASME Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related Equipment, has made presentations internationally on dust explosions and is a member of the Grain Elevator and Processing Society (GEAPS) and ASSE.

Jim works with clients and attorneys on all aspects of dust fires and explosions and evaluates organization’s dust hazard exposure per NFPA 61, 652 and 654 standards. He assists clients with OSHA compliance and provides evaluations and plans for improving employee safety as well as management and employee education and training. He has served as an expert witness in civil litigation and in OSHA regulation cases and has investigated fires and explosions to determine their most probable causes. Jim has performed comprehensive reviews of safety conditions, operations and regulatory compliance for many companies and locations from small to very large operations. While much of his work is in the grain and food processing and handling industries, he has also performed work for aluminum, plastic, wire, chemical and rubber manufacturers. He also has provided clients with seminars on safety procedures/processes as well as regulatory matters.

Gary H. Barnett, CSP

Safety and Fire Protection Consultant
Gary Barnett is a nationally recognized certified safety professional with more than 45 years’ corporate safety, fire protection and industrial hygiene experience. Prior to entering consulting, Gary had a highly successful career with DuPont, ITT Continental Baking and Nabisco Brands. While at DuPont , he was a member of the corporate Safety and Fire Protection Division that assessed and recommended safety and fire protection systems, processes, emergency preparedness and program improvements for worldwide operations. He was a significant contributor to the widely recognized and often copied DuPont people and property protection philosophy and practices.

At Continental Baking Company Gary was responsible for guiding the company’s implementation/compliance of the newly enacted Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) law and its regulations and standards. Through actual fire test demonstrations, Gary was also credited with demonstrating to senior management the value of installation of fixed fire protection for the many commercial deep fat fryers used throughout the company.

As Corporate Manager of Safety and Health for Nabisco Brands, Gary developed and implemented a highly successful industrial hygiene program that included employee exposure monitoring, noise reduction and unique hearing conservation processes. He was instrumental in guiding the company’s implementation of protective measures and systems for grain and flour dust fire and explosion prevention.

As Vice President – Loss Control for major insurance broker, Hilb, Rogal and Hobbs, which subsequently was acquired by Willis, Gary provided safety, fire protection, public safety and business continuity direction to a wide variety of industries including entertainment, media, motor sports, retail, resort, textile, chemical and food processing industries. In this capacity Gary assisted clients in their improvement and management endeavors for controlling risk.

Following Gary’s service in the U.S.Navy, he attended Monmouth University, graduating with a B.S. degree in Physics. He is a past Vice President – Conferences and Vice President Safety Standards of the American Society of Safety Engineers having served on its Board of Directors. Gary received the Society’s highest honor, Fellow. Early in his career Gary served as President of The Safety Executives of New York. For 19 years while at Nabisco, Gary chaired the safety committee of the Biscuit and Cracker Manufacturer’s Association and was a founding member of the National Grain and Feed Association’s Fire and Explosion Research Council and served on its Safety Committee. He is a past member of the National Association of Manufacturer’s OSHA Policy Committee and served as its chairman.

Gary has extensive knowledge and expertise in OSHA’s regulations and has presented technical information on various subjects at OSHA and Congressional hearings. He helps clients eliminate and control employee exposure to noise, dust and harmful chemicals. Gary works with clients to identify and mitigate a broad range of workplace safety and health risks and regulatory compliance issues such as hazardous energy, operating machinery, work in confined spaces or working at heights. This includes assisting management in developing plans, procedures, and processes to protect employees and property. He also provides safety and health educational sessions and training for employers as well as their employees.


Dave BensonDave Benson-Security Consultant-Travel Risk, Threat Analysis, Special Events, Workplace Violence Prevention/Armed Threat

Security Consultant-Travel Risk, Threat Analysis, Special Events, Workplace Violence Prevention/Armed Threat

With over 40 year’s professional experience, Dave Benson has an extensive security background with both corporations/businesses as well as government agencies. As a Senior Special Agent with the US Department of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security, Dave provided protective security for Secretaries of State and foreign dignitaries and served in several overseas assignments in the Middle East and Asia. During the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, he provided oversight of the Diplomatic Security’s planning and coordination. Dave also served as the Director of the Diplomatic Security Training Center responsible for Security, Engineering, and Law Enforcement training.

For Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL, Dave served in various security managerial positions for the entertainment areas and support operations.

Dave is a graduate of Florida State University and has received advanced training in executive/personal protection, counter terrorism and threat analysis/evaluation. He is a member of ASIS International and The Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), serving as the VP of the Florida chapter.

In his consulting role, Dave works with a variety of industries, businesses and non-profits helping them identify threats, evaluate risk to operations, facilities and staff. He provides in-depth safety/security training for travelers as well as travel planning and threat avoidance.

Dave is nationally recognized for his expertise in Workplace Violence Prevention including plans, training and developing internal response teams for corporations and businesses. He provides organizations of all sizes with highly effective hands-on education and training for armed threat/active shooter events and along with our other consultants provides a variety of security services for critical infrastructure companies.