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Emergency Preparedness

When emergency strikes within your business, how do you respond? Having an emergency preparedness plan in place can help you to quickly and effectively manage the crisis, which reduces your risk of business asset loss. There are many types of emergencies a business can face, such as fire, theft, natural disasters, violence, or health emergencies. New Source Security can assist with developing an enterprise emergency preparedness plan, so your employees can act quickly and correctly to protect themselves, your customers, and your business.

Our Emergency Preparedness services include:

  • Actionable crisis management plans, developed for your specific business and threats
  • Crisis management plan tabletop exercise
  • Crisis management plan testing- scenario development and testing coordination
  • On-going support when crisis plans are activated
  • Emergency plans designed for employee/customer safety, rapid recovery, and loss minimization
  • Emergency communication systems evaluation and selection
  • Effective integration of emergency plans with business continuity plans
  • Supply chain vendor emergency plan and recovery evaluations and alternative source evaluations

Emergency Preparedness Strategy

We don’t believe in one size fits all solutions. While we draw from common experience, our strategy and approach to emergency preparedness is customized to your business and your particular needs. Our security specialists will analyze your business and determine all of the potential emergencies your business may face. We will then work with you to define the most effective plan for protection and recovery of your business assets, and assist you with a developing a plan for implementation and testing.

Common plan components include things like emergency communication, evacuation routes or safe area designations, protecting equipment and product from damage and establishing services needed for recovery from natural disasters. and even processes for responding to incidents such as an active-shooter or natural disaster. Good emergency management should be thorough enough to effectively provide needed protection and business recovery, while still simple enough for employees to enact during a time of high stress.

Free Consultation with a Crisis Management Specialist

Need assistance planning or developing an emergency preparedness strategy?

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