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CSO Advantage

Welcome to CSO Advantage-insight for Chief Security and Chief Safety Officers.

“Where are you going and where will you be when you get there” is a tag line that was often used by a close personal friend who was also a dedicated safety professional.  The phrase has special meaning for CSOs who manage their functions effectively, are at the top of their professions, understand their employer’s business, support the business goals and are active within the security or safety or both professions.  While all of this can translate to a successful lifetime career, have you asked yourself “where you are going” and “where do you want to be”?

Is having reached the CSO status your ultimate point, your end game for your career?  Are you open to lateral moves outside of the CSO role?  Are you open to taking/adding on new and different challenges and functions? Are you open to a career change with another organization?

Dedicating time to evaluate and plan your career after reaching the CSO level is as important to your career as the planning and work that got you to the CSO level. You can begin doing so by:

  • Identifying your skills and strengths that can be broadly used
  • Identifying your business skill gaps that when filled, will significantly increase your capabilities
  • Identifying business functions you have worked with effectively and found personally interesting and challenging
  • Finding CSOs who have made career changes and talking with them about their experiences
  • Consistently looking for and being open to adding new functions and responsibilities that will grow your current role and further demonstrate your total net worth to the organization
  • Setting your personal goals but being open to new opportunities and if right for you, aggressively pursing

Too often highly skilled professionals, like CSOs, unknowingly pigeon hole themselves and their skills and knowledge which is only natural for those highly focused on results and especially so since it is critical that many decisions have to be consistently correct.  Take a step back periodically to ensure you are viewing the larger picture, not overlooking opportunities and that you are on track for your personal as well as professional goals.

So, where are you going and where will you be when you get there?

Contact us with questions and to find out how we can help you reach your goals, your maximum potential and set strategies for success.