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Dust Fire & Explosion

Dust fires and explosions are a significant risk in the agriculture and food related industries, requiring effective prevention through a multi-point process of risk identification and mitigation. While progress has been made in reducing the frequency and impact of these events, the risk has not been eliminated. New Source Security Consultants have been leaders in dust fire and explosion prevention and research since the ‘70s, making us skilled and experienced leaders in dust fire risk analysis and reduction.

Dust Fire Prevention & Risk Mitigation

New Source Security Consultants provides the following services in dust fire and explosion prevention:

  • Analyze explosion risk utilizing NFPA code requirements
  • Provide specific prevention training to management and staff
  • Evaluate maintenance practices and sources of dust emissions
  • Develop comprehensive action plans and procedures for dust fire and explosion prevention
  • Identify equipment and processes for ignition source and dust control
  • Provide plan and process review for new construction and building additions
  • Evaluate OSHA requirements, compliance, and improvement opportunities

Dust fires and explosions represent a significant risk to your staff, facilities, and production goals. New Source Security Consultants are dedicated to helping you prevent these catastrophic events through our analysis and experience.

Free Consultation with a Dust Fire Prevention Specialist

Protecting your business, facilities, and people is a business priority. Even if you already have safety protocols in place to help you manage dust fire and explosion risks, a second set of eyes from a qualified and experienced professional can help you be confident that your existing plan is effective or if there are opportunity areas that exist.

Contact New Source Security Consultants at (847) 420-0348 to speak with an Experienced Dust Fire & Explosion Prevention Specialist.