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Executive & Personal Protection

Need private security for a corporate executive, high-profile individual, or VIP? At New Source Security, we understand that individuals may become a target based on their station in an organization, due to legal matters, or their access to proprietary company information. We utilize proactive steps to protect these individuals while maintaining their regular routine. Our executive protection professionals operate with the highest level of discretion and possess a wide range of physical and mental skills developed through real-world experience and extensive training, so you can be confident that your assets are in the best hands possible.

Private Security & VIP Protection

Of all the assets a business has to protect, it’s people is one of the most important and hardest to replace. There may be times when executives or other important leaders or personnel within your business may need protection. This could be one-time, such as for a specific event, short-term, such as during a court case, or mid-term, such as during a business transition like an international sale or acquisition. We can provide you with executive protection plan development, as well as the staff that you need to effectively manage and execute the defined safety protocol.

Our Executive Protection Program Services include:

  • Personal protection for travel and while attending or hosting special events
  • Continuous individual and family personal protection
  • Complete security/safety assessments for homes and businesses for improved security and threat control
  • Personal and business aircraft security planning
  • Independent Security Study for IRS 132 and specifically 132.5 exemption

Regardless of your business size, we take your safety very seriously. Our corporate protection specialists will personally assess your executive safety needs and build a comprehensive plan that works for you and your organization or corporation. If you have specific needs, we can match you with a security personnel who is a specialist in your specific business niche. Whatever your protection opportunities may be, we can provide a complete protection program, including the training and personnel needed to keep your business and people safe.

Confidential Consultation with a VIP Protection Expert

New Source Security is dedicated to protecting your most valuable resource- your people. Rather than risk response, our executive protection specialists focus on proactive and preventative protection so that no security incident occurs.

Contact us at (847) 420-0348 for a Free Consultation with a Private Security Specialist.