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Managed Services

Safety & Security Experts

There are several reasons why a business or organization may need assistance with managing their safety and security operations. Organizations may experience gaps where key security or safety staff are unavailable, retire with short notice, suffer from extended illness, or leave the organization unexpectedly. Perhaps your business is quickly growing, needing security and safety leadership/expertise, or needs part-time or short-term security assistance.

New Source Security Consultants provide the resources you need for any security or safety situation through short or a mid-term assignment of key security personnel. This cost effective method allows HR professionals to ensure on-going security and safety processes are in place while they evaluate needs, establish qualifications, and identify new qualified security personnel candidates. Until a company’s growth and/or risk level requires full-time leadership at a CSO or other managerial level, New Source Security can be your “safety and security staff”.

How We Support You

We can assist you in filling your security personnel gaps with experienced, high-level safety and security professionals.

Our safety and security experts provide:

  • Short-term (up to 3 months) or mid-term ( up to 1 year) CSO or other level experienced professionals, experienced with a company’s risk and their industry
  • On-going defined security and safety managerial services
  • Representation in security and safety technical and managerial issues

We provide the security professionals that you need to keep your business, facilities, and people safe from potential risk and hazards. Our experienced security personnel can assist with all components of creation, implementation, and enforcement of security procedure and protocol to protect your business.

Free Consultation with an Experienced Security Professional

If you need short or mid-term security support, are looking for a long-term security consultant, or need assistance with any aspect of risk identification and mitigation for your organization or business, we are here to support you.

Contact us at (847) 420-0348 for a Free Consultation with a Security Professional.