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Security Audit

Has your organization undergone changes? Have you brought on new employees, expanded operations, or just want to review your current security procedures? A safety and security audit is an evaluation of your existing safety and security plans, processes, and protocols for correct implementation and plan effectiveness. A thorough analysis, performed by a security audit professional, provides assurance that your organization has active and effective plans in place for mitigating or eliminating risk in your business.

Our Security Audit Services include:

  • Evaluation of a specific security process or procedure for effective threat mitigation/control
  • Security plan review to ensure all potential threats have been addressed and gap analysis
  • Security plan audit/evaluation for implementation effectiveness
  • Plan benchmarking evaluation for industry best practices and standard compliance
  • Security audit and report for inclusion in company/corporation Annual Report and response to rating agencies

 Who Should Perform a Security Audit?

Similar to financial reviews, it is best practice to utilize the assistance of a 3rd party for your security audit. By using an outside source, you get a thorough and objective analysis of your security processes. An outside security audit can overcome unintended biases, see risk factors more openly, and ask the hard questions necessary for a thorough audit. The best way to ensure that you are getting a complete analysis is through an unbiased review by a trained security professional.

Your Security Professionals

New Source Security offers complete risk analysis & mitigation through security consulting, risk assessments, emergency preparedness, workplace violence prevention, and more. Our security professionals are dedicated to protecting your organization. By putting the proper procedures in place, we allow you to provide a safe and secure environment long-term for your employees, customers, and guests. Whether you need assistance with auditing the security protocol of a corporate entity, private business,  or organization, we help protect your people, your business, and your brand.

Free Consultation with a Security Audit Specialist

Looking for a professional perspective on how your business is handling their security processes? Our security audit specialists make sure that your organization is protected.

Call New Source Security at (847) 420-0348 for a Free Consultation with a Security Audit Professional.