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Security Procedures & Processes

Every business is responsible for the safety and security of your organization and your assets, including your people, facilities, products/goods, and intellectual property. At New Source Security, we work with you to develop and implement security procedures to aid in risk mitigation, management, or elimination for your business or organization. Security plan development is more than just installation of physical security systems, glocks, and cameras. There are many ways that your business can be at risk. Our analysis is comprehensive and specific to your business systems, processes, and needs. This type of personalized approach allows us to ensure your assets are protected from all fronts.

Corporate Security Strategy Creation & Implementation

When our security specialist meets with you, they will begin by getting a firm understanding of your current business operations, processes, and procedures. We will then categorize and assess each of these elements for potential security risks or threats. Once the analysis is complete, we will review our findings with you, where we will rank each security threat, and develop a plan for immediate or future remediation, based on the severity of the risk. As needed, we will assist with implementation of your plans and actions.

Risk management is not about completely eliminating risk. All business will have some level of risk, but by having a proactive approach, you can mitigate your risk and be less likely to be caught in a situation that you are unprepared to manage.

Creating a Security Plan

Security includes a component of training and awareness. We can provide security training to any level of your staff, from corporate all the way down to entry-level positions and new hires. Every employee within your business can contribute positively or negatively to the overall safety of your facility. A good security process will include training staff to identify and mitigate risk through their daily routines and work processes. For example, a retail boutique may find that they experience product loss related to fitting rooms. By updating their process for fitting room management, including proper training of fitting room employees, they are better able to manage that risk.

Free Consultation with a Security Plan Development Expert

New Source Security can help you develop a security plan that works for your business or organization.

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