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Travel Risk Mitigation

Are employees or executives required to travel as a part of their employment? Are you planning an event such as a corporate gathering or retreat? New Source Security assists with travel and event risk management and strategy to help reduce risk to your most valuable asset- your people!

Travel is often necessary, especially for those who play a key role in your organization. These are often the employees who are most crucial to your business and operations. Evaluating the risk at their destinations, providing them with the right and as-need information, as well as technical resources, is essential for their safety and for meeting your “duty of care”. We help reduce travel risk and meet obligations through risk evaluation and travel strategy.

Our Travel Risk Mitigation Services include:

  • Employer traveler Duty of Care plan development and implementation assistance
  • Group and individual travel safety training, face-to-face or via webinar
  • Group or individual female international travel safety training
  • Connection to travel communication and notification sources

Corporate Travel Risk Assessment

One of the services we provide is a corporate travel risk assessment. This can be done for a specific event, or as a part of your corporate travel policy. There are several different areas where business travel can constitute a business threat, from something as simple as a traffic accident to something as catastrophic as a shooting. Our job is to help you foresee any potential risks that your employees or executives may face during travel and develop plans and processes to help mitigate and reduce those risks.

Common corporate travel risk management procedures and policy can include things like vetting driver/car services, having hotels/lodging evaluated for security and safety, travel restrictions for specific areas, travel briefing for new or inexperienced travelers, and more. Having a policy and process in place to protect your employees can help you to minimize employee and executive travel risks.

Free Consultation with Executive Travel Risk Mitigation Expert

Protecting the safety of your employees and executives while traveling for business is paramount. We can help you with assessment of current travel policies, or help you develop a corporate travel strategy if none is currently in place.

Contact New Source Security at (847) 420-0348 for a Free Consultation with a Travel Security Specialist.