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Workplace Violence Prevention

While foreign and domestic terrorist acts require our attention and action, there is a more immediate threat. Workplace violence, from verbal abuse to an armed incident, is a real threat to all organizations. Many organizations focus on response to a physical act. Although this is one essential component of a workplace violence prevention plan, success in workplace violence reduction comes from a holistic approach, inclusive of everyone in the organization.

There are many components of workplace violence prevention beyond learning appropriate response. We utilize an approach that focuses on both violence prevention & developing a response plan to protect your employees and assets.

Violence Prevention & Response Specialists

Workplace violence is not the job of a single individual. Training needs to be completed with all employees.  To achieve your desired results, more is required than viewing a video. New Source Security Consultants develop and implement complete violence prevention and response programs and processes, specific to your organization or business needs.

We help clients develop processes for early intervention to avoid acts of violence and develop response teams should threats arise. Our workplace violence prevention (WPV) and armed threat services include:

  • Maximized ROI for training by focusing on early recognition and early action
  • Plans that meet and exceed SHRM/ASIS national standard and OSHA guidelines
  • Face-to-face group employee training, including your policies and procedures
  • Advanced training for managers on recognition, intervention, and reporting
  • Cost-effective refresher and other training through custom videos, webinars, live video, and train the trainer
  • Response team organization, training, drills/testing, and active team support
  • Individual threat analysis by recognized experts
  • Specialized training for healthcare and high-risk businesses

Free Consultation with a Workplace Violence Training Expert

Our workplace violence specialists are skilled at helping you recognize early signs of problems and intervene before they become acts of workplace violence, as well as help you respond to potential acts of violence.

For a Free Consultation with a Workplace Violence Prevention Expert at New Source Security Consultants, call (847) 420-0348.